The 2021 Chevy Blazer Receives the Best in Safety Tech

The Chevy Blazer is nostalgic for many of us. During its glory days, the Chevy Blazer was a common sight on the road and was a popular model. While it didn’t completely disappear, its popularity dipped and they weren’t seen as often. But times are changing, and the all-new 2021 Chevy Blazer has made some upgrades to please car buyers everywhere. 

With safety at the forefront for most drivers, it was wise for Chevy to make the move to add advanced safety features to many of the Blazer trims models this year. While not every trim level has all that Chevy has to offer, safety-wise, most of them do. And that is a plus for drivers. This has offered peace of mind to more drivers in 2021. 

What’s New for the 2021 Chevy Blazer?

The Chevy Blazer is not classified as an SUV but is actually a Crossover Utility Vehicle. This vehicle drives like a car with the luxury to match but can still take you on your favorite adventures. 

While the trim levels are still structured the same, Chevy has added new color options while taking away three of the 2020 colors. Cajun Red Tint Coat, Nightfall Gray, and Graphite Metallic are no longer available and have been replaced by colors such as Iron Gray, Cayenne Orange, Pewter Metallic, and Cherry Red Tint Coat. 

Another feature that should be mentioned for those drivers that tow often. Front-drive models that have the 3.6-L LGX V6 engine have a new towing package that is available. This includes hitch guidance and a cooling system. It allows the Blazer to tow up to 4,500 hundred pounds. This kind of towing was previously only able to be done by AWD vehicles. 

Chevy Safety Assist Package

But the colors aren’t the star of the 2021 Chevy Blazer. Safety is where the biggest changes have been made to most trim models. The 2LT, 3LT, RS, and Premier models have received the Chevy Safety Assist package as standard for 2021. This package includes premium safety features to give you confidence as you drive your new 2021 Chevy Blazer. 

The Chevy Safety Assist Package includes some exciting features. 

  • Front pedestrian braking
  • Lane keep assist with departure warning
  • Intellibeam headlights
  • Forward collision alert
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Following distance indicator

These features were optional on last year’s model in the higher trim levels. The RS and Premier trims levels did offer this package as an add-on for buyers but it was not standard. Adding this to four trim levels as a standard addition was a great move for Chevy and is sure to have buyers lining up for the 2021 Chevy Blazer. 

The new 2021 Chevy Blazer has received notable upgrades for this year and is sure to fly off of the lot when drivers get wind of these additions. If you are ready to take a look for yourself, Patterson Chevrolet of Kilgore is ready to get you in the new Blazer. Be sure to also check out the return of the Chevy Trailblazer with an all-new 2021 model