Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage When Driving in Texas

Fluctuating gas prices have people thinking about ways to get better gas mileage—and you don’t have to buy an EV or hybrid to enjoy some savings at the pumps. There are some simple ways you can trim your fuel consumption without buying a more fuel-efficient car or truck. 

Let’s take a look at a few ways to get better gas mileage when driving in Texas. 

Get Better Gas Mileage with Proper Maintenance

There are many reasons to maintain your vehicle properly, and one of those reasons is better fuel economy. Regular oil changes, identifying small issues and making needed repairs, and keeping tires properly inflated all contribute to better gas mileage. Performing these small maintenance acts leads to big savings. For example, keeping your tires at the correct tire pressure can bump your MPG by 4%. 

Don’t Be Idle and Improve Fuel Economy

We’re not talking about how you spend your Saturdays; we’re talking about allowing your car to idle for long periods. Did you know that an idling car or truck burns up to a half gallon of fuel per hour? That’s a waste you can avoid by turning your car off if you’ll be idling for longer than 30 seconds or so. 

Plan Your Trips to Save on Gas

It’s obvious that driving less will save you money on gas. This tip isn’t exactly about getting better MPGs, but it is a way you can save on your fuel costs, so it makes sense to include it. Everyone has errands to run, and by combining those errands, you can save gas. Is your gym near Target? Make your Target run on the way back home from working out. Is your dog groomer in the vicinity of the grocery store? You get the idea!

Slow It Down to Get Better Gas Mileage

Do you want to pay an extra 60 cents per gallon of gas? When you drive 65 mph instead of 50 mph, it’s equivalent to paying that much extra for every gallon of gas. These aren’t exact figures since every vehicle is different, but generally speaking, your gas mileage starts to take a nosedive at speeds above 50 mph, and the gas mileage gets worse for every 5 mph over 50 you go. Slow down, and enjoy significant savings. 

Haul Gear on the Rear to Improve Your MPGs

If you need to haul luggage, sporting equipment, or any other gear, choose a rear-mounted carrier rather than a roof-mounted carrier. Roof-top options cut your fuel economy by up to 8% in the city and up to 25% on the interstate, while rear-mounted carriers reduce fuel economy by only 2% in the city and about 5% on the highway. 

No matter what kind of car you drive or how much time you spend behind the wheel, these simple tips can help you save. If you’re still not getting the mileage you want, it might be time to think about upgrading. Patterson Kilgore has a large selection of new and pre-owned cars, including many that get excellent gas mileage. Our team will help you find a vehicle that meets your budget, and that will help you save on fuel costs.